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Dear Students and research scholars,

Thanks a lot for sending us scholarship news related to science and technology all around the world. Kindly, read the purpose of our website and the requirement for the scholarship news that you share with us. If we like your post then we will share it on our website and facebook profile.You can also share the soft copies of Books on the various topic included on the website.


Rules and regulations for sharing posts related to scholarships

  1. The scholarship news should be original and there is no copyright issue.
  2. The official website of the scholarship is clearly mentioned.
  3. It should not be taken from any other scholarship website.
  4. It should contain purpose, eligibility, Deadline, Application procedure and official website.
  5. The topic of the post should be related to Education or scholarship.


We also welcome your kind suggestions to improve our website.

If you have any question related to Write for Us, contact us via….[email protected]


Best Regards





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